Hi everyone! My name is Kitty Moore, and I am a self-published arts & crafts author.

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I like to think of myself as being quite creative, and I absolutely love anything arts & crafts related.

The purpose of Arts, Crafts & More – is to be a source of inspiration for that little (sometimes big!) piece of creativity within each of us!

I hope to share with everyone some of my most favorite craft ideas and teach everything I know about arts & crafts.

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“Express yourself. I am sure everyone has heard this saying, but for me, this is my life. I try to express myself in everything I do. Whether it’s crafting, decorating my home, or helping my kids with school projects I enjoy expressing myself. I believe it’s my duty and my obligation to inspire others.
But everyone has their inspiration, and my inspiration is my children. Everyday they give me new ideas in little things they do, and I spread those ideas to others; to try and encourage and inspire others with things that inspire me. I hope that others can take these ideas I have put out, and mold them to fit their own.”