How To Make The Perfect Flower Crown


  • Florists wire
  • An old headband (check step five if you do not wish to use a headband)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Artificial flowers or fresh
  • Wire cutters


  1. To make your flower crown you first need to pick out some artificial flowers that go well together. Then you need to cut the flowers off the stems leaving a 1 inch stem left on the flower. Then group your flowers together into bunches of 3 of so. Do this depending on what flowers you want to sit next to each other on the crown.
  2. Then cut your florists wire into 3 inch long pieces. Wrap your wire around the grouped flowers so they are secure. Make sure to wrap close to the base of the flowers.
  3. Then starting at one end of the headband, wrap the ends of the wire around the headband. Make sure they are secure so the flowers stay on. When I am deciding on which flowers to place around the headband, I choose the smaller flowers to go near the ears and the larger flowers on the top. I think this creates a beautiful effect. You can also do large all the way around or the same with small, but I personally like the ascending in size and then descending in size effect.
  4. Lastly take your ribbon and wrap it around the headband in between the flowers really tight. Then you can leave tassels on the ends of the headband if you wish.
  5. If you want a halo instead of a headband, all you need to do is measure your head diameter and take your florists wire and make a halo according to your head size. Make sure to wrap the wire 4-5 times to make the halo strong. You can also buy an elastic headband from a craft store to use, but keep in mind these may flop if the flowers are large flowers.
  6. Another cute option is to go to a craft store and buy a grape vine or wicker halo. You then can glue in your artificial flowers.

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