Twisty Rose Origami

twisty rose-min


  • Pretty paper of your choice


  1. Start by making an origami water bomb base. You do this in the following steps 2-5.
  2. Start with a square sheet of paper. Choose your size based on how large you want your rose.
  3. Fold your square in half and unfold repeat the opposite way. You should have a square with a four square fold.
  4. Then fold opposite corners and unfold. So you should now have a square with folds in it shown below.12179072_516459581850349_31120854_n-min
  5. Now pinch together fold A to fold B, as shown below. Then pinch fold C to D on top of the fold you just made as shown below. Then lay flat.12180066_516459845183656_985777010_n-min
  6. Now we can start the folding of the rose. Now fold the top of side 1c to meet cx, and fold the top of side 2d to meet side dx as shown below.
  7. Fold tips L and K down along the dotted line shown below.
  8. Now we will be making a squash fold as shown below. And repeat to other side.
  9. Then flip your paper over.
  10. Repeat step 8 on other side.
  11. Fold the upper layer of the squash fold down as shown below, and repeat on other side.
  12. Make a valley fold as shown below.
  13. Now fold back the bottom layers.12178226_516459685183672_571513937_n-min
  14. Pry paper open as shown in image below.
  15. Now make another squash fold.
  16. Flip paper over.
  17. Lift the triangle flap to stand up on the diagonal.
  18. Fold the top layer of side AB across the diagonal to meet side AX. Repeat step to opposite corner, as shown below.
  19. Now hold onto the point and twist.12177973_516459608517013_1375088852_n-min12179151_516459601850347_1698267672_n-min
  20. Now use a pen to roll the edges into a rose and fluff the center.12188515_516468541849453_1323974341_n-min

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Click HERE to check out Paper Crafts on Amazon