Working With Grape Vine When Crafting

How To Use Grape Vine For Crafts

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Grapevine is commonly used among crafters for a wide variety of crafts, like wreaths, ornaments, basket making, and flower arranging. Grapevine is great to use for these crafts because it’s bendable yet durable. When using grape vine that is fresh, it is bendable and all you need to do is bend it around whatever base you are using. If the grape vine is dried, then you need to soak it overnight in a tub of water. After the vines have been soaked make sure you dry them off with a towel. After the vines have been soaked they will become pliable, so you can make your craft. After your crafts have been made, you need to dry them for a few days out in the sun. If you want to preserve the crafts you can paint them with an acrylic sealant.

Some good craft ideas that can be made using grape vine are arbors, Christmas ornaments, holiday wreaths, rustic decorations, and much more.

Here is one craft that I made.

Grape Vine Heart



  • Grape vine
  • Thick wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Acrylic sealant
  • White paint
  • Metal ring


  1. Using your thick wire, make a heart shape. This will be used as your base.
  2. Wrap your grape vine around the frame. Make sure you cross the vines in varying ways. This will create a nice pattern.
  3. Make sure to dry the craft for a few days in the sun. Then add the metal ring to the craft for you to hang it by.
  4. Paint your heart with white paint or desired color. Allow the heart to dry and seal with acrylic sealant.

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